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Welcome at DSM site Lalden

If you are a visitor, a contractor or an DSM employee not based at Lalden you must complete the entry test. By successfully answering the control questions in the entry test you certify that you have understood the general safety instructions. Please present a signed hardcopy of the certificate at the LONZA Gate. LONZA will contact your DSM contact person and make arrangement to enter the site.

Instructions for the specific plant areas will, be given by the responsible person at the relevant location. The test is offered in various languages and takes about 10 minutes to complete. The print-out of the certificate must be carried on your person at all times and be available for inspection. It is the responsibility of each visitor to complete the test before starting work at the DSM site Lalden.

Have you already successfully completed the test but lost or forgotten the certificate? By entering your surname, name, date of birth and clicking on the field "Valid test available?" You can call up a copy of the certificate and print it out. Please note the test results are valid for one year; after this time the test must be repeated.

The collected data will not be used for any other purpose.

Do you require any help? Contact DSM Site Lalden at +41 27 945 61 00.

Entry test